ANCCP Certification Agency Srl is a certification body born in 1992. For your own evolution has relied on the extensive experience of the management in the industrial and business services, as well as on the contribution of important facilities and laboratories active in inspection, verification, certification.

Born in origin to work in the field of equipment and pressure systems, ANCCP Certification Agency has expanded its expertise over the years and has diversified its offering to customers of inspection and certification services: to do this, he acquired the necessary permissions nationally and internationally. The multiplicity of policy areas the Agency has made ​​an inspection and certification body versatile and attentive to the needs and market trends. 
Over the years, also extending the jurisdiction, ANCCP Certification Agency has developed several sales offices in the territory that allow you to meet the demand at the local level.

The progressive globalization of markets has convinced ANCCP Certification Agency to be present on foreign markets (such as China), allowing it to manufacturers who wish to export their products within the European Union, to obtain services certification (CE marking ) directly on its territory.

ANCCP Certification Agency operates in the following areas:

• Certified "product"

For product certification ANCCP Certification Agency has a European recognition (notification EC 0302) for the activity of conformity assessment of products and control of production processes. For some areas, it is accredited by a national accreditation body (Accredia) with n. 149B. (See certificate Accredia)

For certification of the equipment and pressure systems (stationary or mobile) and for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres ANCCP Certification Agency operates through the CEC - European Certification Consortium (Notification No 1131) of which he is a founding member.

• Certification "system"

For certification of management systems ANCCP Certification Agency operates in all areas of conformity assessment of enterprise organizational systems such as quality, environment, safety at work, food safety, social responsibility, etc.. For quality management system is accredited by the national accreditation body (Accredia) with n. 036A. (See certificate Accredia)

• Inspection

Inspection activities are carried out by ANCCP Certification Agency in the face of national ministerial authorizations concerning checks on systems and structures already installed and tested in periodic safety inspection such as: electrical grounding, lifts and hoists, pleasure craft, equipment pressure.

• Voluntary certification

ANCCP Certification Agency carries out tests and issue certificates of compliance with technical standards of construction, production, manufacture and management that do not require marking, certification or a specific claim.

• Training

ANCCP Certification Agency develops training services in all the areas in which it carries out technical activities. He works with accredited facilities in order to offer training also "subsidized". The training in the areas of quality, environment and safety was recognized by SICEV (Reg. 13/04, 17/05, 31/09, 32/09).


ANCCP Certification Agency is a Notified Body (CE n ° 0302) certifying the products covered by the following Directives and / or European Regulations:

     Construction Products   (Regulation UE/35/2011 - CPR)

  • Transportable Pressure Equipment   (Directive 2010/35/EU - TPED)
  • Gas Appliances   (Directive 2009/142/EC - GAD)
  • Simple Pressure Vessels   (Directive 2009/105/EC - SPVD)
  • Electrical equipment (low voltage)   (Directive 2006/95/EC - LVD)
  • Machinery   (Directive 2006/42/EC - MD)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility   (Directive 2004/108/EC - EMC)
  • Pressure Equipment  (Directive 1997/23/CE - PED)
  • Lifts   (Directive 1995/16/CE - LD)
  • Pleasure Unit   (Directives 1994/25/EC and 2003/44/EC - RCD)
  • Equipment in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres   (1994/9/CE Directive - ATEX)
  • Personal Protective Equipment  (Directive 1989/686/CEE - PPE)
ANCCP Certification Agency is also authorized to carry out checks and inspections on the safety of products already installed and / or existing, in the following areas:
    • Lifting equipment, platforms, bridges and suspended furniture and equipment "in-service"  (Art. 71 of Legislative Decree No. 81/2008)
    • Lifts and Hoists (Articles 13 and 14 of Presidential Decree no. 162/1999)
    • Electrical and grounding, to discharge protection atmosforiche and explosion hazard (DPR n. 462/2001)
    • Pleasure Unit (DM n. 146/2008 and Legislative Decree n.171/2005)
    • Transportable Pressure Equipment (Legislative Decree 78/2012)
    • Fixed Pressure Equipment (DM n. 329 of 01/12/2004)
In the field of Management Systems, ANCCP Certification Agency operates in all areas of voluntary regulated. The main certified standards are:
    • Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001 - QMS)
    • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 - EMS)
    • Systems Management of Health and Safety at Work (OHSAS 18001 - HSMS)
    • Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001)
    • Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000 - FSMS)
    • Traceability in food chain (ISO 22005 - Traceability in Food Chain)
    • Systems of corporate social responsibility (SA 8000)
    • Quality requirements for welding (ISO 3834)
    • Self-control system using the "HACCP" (UNI 10854)
The certification of quality management systems occur even in the face of an accreditation issued byAccredia and EA relating to the following areas: 03. Food, beverages and tobacco 04. Textiles 16. Lime, plaster, concrete, cement, concrete and related products 17. Metals and alloys, fabricated metal products 18. Machinery and equipment 19. Electrical machinery and electrical and optical equipment 28a. Construction Companies in maintenance 28b. Companies installation, operation and maintenance of installations 29a. Wholesale, retail and commission trade 30. Hotels, restaurants and bars 31st Logistics: transport, storage and forwarding 33.Information Technology 34. Consultancies Engineering 35. Professional services firm 37. Education 38b. Departments of Medical and Dental practice 38c. Clinical laboratory testing and Laboratory of Hygiene and Prevention, Laboratory for images; 38f. Social assistance.