The certification of products aimed affixing of the CE marking certifies that a product is designed, tested and built internally in compliance with the essential safety requirements set out and described by a Directive (or rules ) in Europe, and have been applied in a timely manner the requirements defined by the rules of that specific reference to the Directive (" harmonized "). Directives issued to date are as many as the goods for which they are established rules for manufacturing common to all the countries of the European Union. For each of its compliance audits may be carried out by institutions or companies who can demonstrate the competence requirements in the specific field of activity and who have been authorized by the competent national authorities. ANCCP Certification Agency is in fact authorized to operate in accordance with the EN ISO / IEC 17065.

In sectors in which certifies are:

- Metal Structure

-  Machines

-  Pressure Equipment

-  Lifts

-  Personal Protective Equipment

-  Boating

-  Blast Equipment Environment

-  Construction Products

-  Concrete

-  Gas Appliance