Product certification :

The certification aims affixing the CE marking on the product, attests that a property has been designed, built and tested internally in compliance with the essential safety requirements set out and described by a Directive (or rules) European, as well as have been applied in a timely manner the requirements defined by the reference standards of the specific Directive ("harmonized standards"). Directives issued to date are as many as the goods for which rules are established manufacturing common to all European Union countries. For each of its compliance audits may be carried out by structures / institutions / organizations that can demonstrate the competence requirements in the specific field of activity and which have been authorized by the competent national authorities.

ANCCP Certification Agency, in over twenty years of activity, has acquired and maintained the authorization in many industries including those relating to pressure equipment, personal protective equipment, machinery and mechanical components, pleasure boats, building products, etc.. In particular, the sectors in which it operates are:
- Cars 
- Pressure Equipment
- Lift
- Personal protective Equipment
- Boating
- Equipment Environment Explosive
- construction Products
- Concrete 
- Gas Appliances
- Compatibility and electrical Safety

System certification:
The business management systems represent an "organizational method" that allows companies to structure themselves internally creating tools and methodologies with which to govern the overall operation, introducing, through policies and procedures, an approach based on the definition of quantified targets for continuous improvement: a method to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, identifying problems and suggesting appropriate actions for improvement. Over twenty years the "management systems" have been developed: the first element of attention was the "quality" meant as the satisfaction of customer requirements, proceeding to compliance with environmental regulations, safety in the workplace, etc.., but always with the basic aim to meet the expectations of different stakeholders. Application to new operational areas resulted in the introduction of certification schemes sectoral management systems, enlarging the variety of contexts in which certification bodies must be able to operate. ANCCP Certification Agency is on the market as an authoritative subject and referenced, can meet all the needs of companies through the certification of management systems also integrate with each other, and falling into the following categories:
- Quality Management System ISO9001
- Environmental ISO 14001
- Safety OHSAS 18001
- Energy Management ISO 50001
- Food ISO 22000 & HACCP
- IMS ( Integrated Management Systems ) ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
- HSE-MS ( Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems )
- Customer Satisfaction ISO10002, ISO10004 
- Other Management Systems...