Welding Processes


What is the service

The process of the fusion welding is widely used for the realization of many industrial products. In some realities is the hallmark of the production both from a economic point of view that the quality of the finished product.
therefore becomes important to ensure that the welding is performed efficiently and that appropriate controls are carried out on all aspects that influence the process .
the reference standard (ISO 3834) is the instrument by which the manufacturer can control the elements that affect the quality of the weld.

Who is

The 'application of quality certification in welding is applicable to a wide range of companies, or all companies that are interested in:

    • manufacturers of pressure components, assemblies, piping (covered by the PED or ASME);
    • operators in the field of plant engineering (chemical, petrochemical, steel, etc.).
    • manufacturers of welded structures (traditional and construction)
    • rail operators under

With the certification in accordance with ISO 3834 the company has the following advantages:

    • meet the contractual requirements of the customers to ensure the quality requirements of the welds;
    • respect the DM 14/01/2008 "new technical standards for construction";
    • ANCCP get from cost reductions to obtain the ISO 9001 certification